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Camp Big Falcon by dangerfan

For the past three years, Purple Vixen has been fuming and obsessing about destroying the Voltes V Team after her humiliating defeat at the hands of the teen kunoichi Megumi Oka ...

[Click below to see photos of that defeat, when Megumi single handedly eliminated Purple Vixen's base in Japan]

Megumi Oka vs Purple Vixen XI by dangerfan

But after three years of meticulous planning, Purple Vixen's team of hench girls has achieved what no others have ever accomplished - a break-in at the Voltes V Team's headquarters at Camp Big Falcon!  Typical of Purple Vixen's schemes, their mission was two-fold: 1) steal one of the powerful electro-magnetic Volt V Machines, which would provide Vixen with unlimited power for her numerous lairs; 2) on a vindictive note, plant bombs in the remaining electro-magnetic reactors to blow Camp Big Falcon to bits, thus setting the Voltes V Team back a decade!

Purple Vixen chose her moment carefully.  She knew the Voltes V Team would be attending a super-secret global security conference for all superheroes.  Camp Big Falcon would be empty, and she had the technology to neutralize the internal security measures.  It would be Vixen's greatest victory to date - the Voltes V Team would be helpless without their power sources, and Japan would be Vixen's oyster!  Her only regret was that Megumi Oka would not be present - she sorely wanted to get her revenge on that meddlesome teen for the brutal beating she received from her.  But revenge would have to wait.

Purple Vixen's team successfully made its way into the most sensitive areas of Camp Big Falcon and began setting the charges as some were busy removing one of the generators.  All seemed to be going according to plan and the hench girls were giddy at the prospect of an easy victory.  But there had been one miscalculation on Vixen's part.  Megumi Oka had developed a bad case of the sniffles a few days before and opted to stay at home, rather than attend the global security conference.  While resting in her room, she heard an alarm.  She went down to investigate assuming it had just been a routine malfunction.  But as she reached the central core area, she heard the hench girls busy at work.

"Those are Purple Vixen's girls!" Megumi thought to herself as she spied them at a distance.  "I thought I put them out of business for good the last time they tried to invade Japan!  How in the world did they ever get in here?  No matter - we'll figure that out later.  Right now, I've gotta stop those goons before they do any damage."

Megumi went quickly into action.  First she handled the Vixen hench girls who were trying to steal the elctro-magnetic generator.

Assault on Camp Big Falcon I by dangerfan

Then  Megumi went into the lower levels of the command center and found the Vixen team that was setting charges.  The urgency of the work required Megumi to show no mercy to these dangerous minions.  She made very short work of them all.

Assault on Camp Big Falcon II by dangerfan

With all of Vixen's hench girls out of commission, Megumi went to work to disable the bombs that had already been set.  Megumi was no technician, but with a little luck and kunoichi dexterity, she was able to neutralize the charges.  But by the time she returned to the control areas, the hench girls had disappeared.  Megumi checked the area video cameras and saw them trying to scramble to their boats.  Megumi chuckled as she saw that a couple of the hench girls had to be carried out over the shoulders of some of the others.  "Guess I hit them pretty hard," Megumi said to herself as she smiled.  For a moment, Megumi thought of launching torpedoes to sink the small speedboats as they sped away, but she thought better of it.  "I think Vixen needs to see the damage I've done to her goons again.  It might make her think again about challenging the Voltes V Team!"

Megumi Oka stood outside the Camp as she watched the Vixens speed away.  Camp Big Falcon was safe.  And once again she had singlehandedly demolished Purple Vixen's team.  "I just hope she tries to come here again," Megumi thought.  "And I'll teach that witch another lesson!"

  Megumi at Camp Big Falcon by bdy

Many thanks to :iconbdy: for his awesome work and great interest in Purple Vixen and her battles with Megumi Oka!


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I am not an artist, but love to comment on other folks' work. Sometimes I will add thought and voice balloons to other people's work and I may post some of these. The art I post in my gallery is ALL other peoples' work, so I take no credit for the art, only the captions. I am especially fond of heroic and daring girls fending off armies of bad girls/ hench girls/ evil babes. I hope you enjoy the same 'deviations.' :-)

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