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Villainess of the Month - Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon by dangerfan
Villainess of the Month - Dr. Anjali Ramkissoon
How about that?  Two doctors in a row!  But Dr. Ramkissoon is by no means as deadly (yet) as last month's villainess.  The 30 year old neurologist resident (5'0" and 100 pounds) was caught on film attacking an Uber driver, kicking and punching him until he was forced to call the police.  Pretty feisty for such  a small woman. Anjali is sure to lose her residency and thus, her chance at obtaining a medical license.  With probably tens of thousands of dollars in medical school debt to pay off, I think Anjali's best bet is to join LILAC.  Her neurological skills could still be put to use (Purple Vixen doesn't care about licenses and such), not only keeping the hench girls in good health, but in devising and administering diabolical mind and nerve tortures for Vixen's enemies (and faithless friends).  It could be a good channel for her rage, and an easy way to pay off her debts.  Plus, she'd look phenomenal in a purple Vixdex suit! 
Feeling Pretty by dangerfan
Feeling Pretty
For a villainess like Purple Vixen, life can't just be about scowls, sneers, and looks of disdain.  Sometimes, she has to just feel pretty.  Maybe she's looking in a mirror here as she turns her pretty head and flips her lush auburn hair, batting her eyelashes, flashing a coy smile.  "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, aren't I the prettiest of all!"  And when the mirror begins to reply, Purple Vixen presses the mute button.

A cool image by :iconavionetca: who does beautiful pictures of beautiful women ... even villainesses. 
Mistress of All She Surveys. by dangerfan
Mistress of All She Surveys.
What a great surprise when one of the masters of 'bad girl' art, :iconyacermino: presented me with this portrait of Purple Vixen in his own inimitable style.  The look of disdain, the haughty posture, the fur cape, and the luscious hair!  Perhaps she is watching her hench women marching past in review.  Many thanks to :iconyacermino:!  I have always been an admirer of your work, so this is a very special addition to the Purple Vixen oeuvre! 
Villainess of the Month - Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez by dangerfan
Villainess of the Month - Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez
Actually, full name is Dr. Ana Maria Gonzalez-Angulo, but it was too long for the title.  This charming lady is a world-class oncologist, specializing in breast cancer.  But when she learned that her colleague and boyfriend was interested in 'settling down' with another woman, her commitment to the Hippocratic Oath's precept to 'do no harm' seemed to flag a little.  She began lacing the boyfriend's coffee with ethylene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze, as a sweetener - and as a poison.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective), while the boyfriend got very sick, he did not die, and was able to testify against the good doctor Gonzalez-Angulo.  So, she will be serving ten years in the slammer.  She will be 53 by the time she gets out.  And she has been permanently banned from practicing medicine.  So she will need a job.  Perhaps too old to be doing field work as a LILAC hench girl, but I'm sure Purple Vixen could use her as a consultant for 'wet ops' or maybe just to help patch the girls up at the clinic.  Purple Vixen usually avoids taking 'jilted lovers,' due to their emotional instability, but this lady has skills!    
Batgirl by dangerfan

I just heard the sad news that actress Yvonne Craig died the other day after a battle with cancer.  She is remembered, of course, as Batgirl from the Batman TV series, and she is undoubtedly the best live-action Batgirl ever.  She started her career as a ballerina with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, experience which made those high kicks of her all the more believable.  From everything I've read, she was a really nice lady too, who kept her beauty to the end.

Just a reminder that Purple Vixen and Batgirl had a history:

Batgirl Takes Out Purple Vixen by dangerfan


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I am not an artist, but love to comment on other folks' work. Sometimes I will add thought and voice balloons to other people's work and I may post some of these. The art I post in my gallery is ALL other peoples' work, so I take no credit for the art, only the captions. I am especially fond of heroic and daring girls fending off armies of bad girls/ hench girls/ evil babes. I hope you enjoy the same 'deviations.' :-)


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