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Alice Sends Her Regards, Purple Vixen!
A split second before Kat-girl knocks Purple Vixen unconscious.  She's been hunting the villainess for quite some time and has finally caught up with her.  She sends the regards of the Girls of Wonder as she holds Vixen in place with a choking hand on her neck.  "And by the way ... " Kat-girl adds, CRACK!  as her fist slams into her shocked opponent's head!

More fantastic work from :iconwascl:, whose OC's Kat-girl and the Girls of Wonder are.  
They Still Want Her!
Purple Vixen is still on the list of most wanted criminals in the world.  And given all the mischief she causes, $1 billion is a good deal!  Purple Vixen was even tempted to turn herself in just to claim the prize money! 

Thanks to :iconesercitosconfitto:
Antares Saves the Day!
Purple Vixen's plot was going according to plan.  She had planted a bomb underneath a grandstand where the President and top leadership of the government of Nyasaland were seated watching a parade.  With these folks out of the way and chaos ensuing in the unstable country, Vixen would be able to make a move on a diamond mine in a remote part of the country.  By the time things got under control again, Vixen would have made a fortune.  But as Purple Vixen watched from her lair, preparing to detonate the bomb at precisely the right moment, alarms sounded.  LILAC guards scrambled throughout the complex to confront the intruder.  But in short order, Antares crashed through the door of Vixen's command center.  A LILAC charged her, but Antares cut the attack short with a right cross and then tossed the half conscious hench girl through the screen of the command console.  "That ought to prevent any premature detonations!"  Purple Vixen then lunged toward the over-ride console.  "Oh no you don't!" said Antares as she practically flew through the air to land a straight right to Vixen head, that sent the villainess into unconsciousness.  "Phew!" said Antares.  "That was close!  But the government of Nyasaland is safe and secure!"

Many thanks to :iconoldandjinxed: for this great scene of Purple Vixen and his lovely OC Antares!    
Battle of the Giants
Purple Vixen and her team of villainous scientists developed a serum to bring about super-growth in anyone who consumed it.  Vixen immediately saw the serum's potential in making her very rich.  Before it could be adequately tested on her hench girls, Purple Vixen insisted that she be the first to try it.  She consumed the serum and after a few agonizing minutes, she had grown to over 120 feet tall.  The expansive qualities of her Vixdex uniform were taken to their limits, but her suit expanded with her body size.  "Now, crime will be easy!  I should have thought of this before!"  Vixen immediately made her way to the First National Bank of Metro City.  She arrived just as a Brinks truck was pulling away.  Even as it sped away from this monster, Vixen caught up with it in one stride, then stomped her boot on the top of the truck. The truck turned over on its side, busting the door open, its contents spilling on the street.  But just as Purple Vixen laughed and leaned over to gather the cash, she noticed a dark shadow falling over her.  She turned quickly only to find herself face to face with Garganta of FemForce.  Vixen stood up to full stature finding herself just a little shorter than the new tall girl on the scene.  "Isn't that my luck!  The one day I decide to be 120 feet tall, there's another 120 foot tall woman in town!  I can't catch a break!"  "Oh you'll catch a break, Vixen!  When I crush your jaw with my fist!' Garganta replied.  "Not if I get you first," Vixen shouted as she sent a left to Garganta's face.  But Garganta, a bit more used to being 120 feet tall, moved more quickly than Vixen, parrying her punch, by grabbing her arm by the wrist.  This left Vixen's jaw wide open for Garganta to send her own powerful right to Vixen's face, just as she promised.  *CRUNCH*  as Garganta's fist landed square on Vixen's exposed jaw.  Vixen let out a dull groan, which sounded like a roar in the city streets, and began to topple to the ground, unconscious.  Garganta quickly grabbed her falling body to keep her from doing anymore damage.  "There, there, sweetie.  Let me give you a soft landing before you hurt yourself."  Garganta mocked.  Fortunately, the serum soon wore off and Vixen shrunk back to her normal size, just big enough for the authorities to cuff and put into their paddy wagon.  And her research team went back to the drawing board, hoping to keep a low profile so as not to incur the wrath of their boss when she got out of jail!

  Many thanks to :iconhotrod5: for this awesome piece.  I've admired his giantesses and figured it was just the thing Purple Vixen would try if she could.  And he did a bag-up job here!   


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I am not an artist, but love to comment on other folks' work. Sometimes I will add thought and voice balloons to other people's work and I may post some of these. The art I post in my gallery is ALL other peoples' work, so I take no credit for the art, only the captions. I am especially fond of heroic and daring girls fending off armies of bad girls/ hench girls/ evil babes. I hope you enjoy the same 'deviations.' :-)


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