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November 21, 2012
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Happy Spirit Day Part 3 by dangerfan Happy Spirit Day Part 3 by dangerfan
Candygirl really took to heart the message of Spirit Day. By taking some hands on action, Candygirl had guaranteed that her community would be rid of two big bullies for at least a few weeks (or until their surgery and physical therapy was over).

Candygirl piled Violette and Purple Vixen up and took the opportunity to lecture them about bullying, hoping they would learn a lesson from the beatings they received. But her well-intentioned talk fell on deaf ears ... mostly because her two bullies were knocked out.

"Well, maybe next year," Candygirl hoped, already looking forward to Spirit Day 2013. But she had a hunch these two bad girls would need a refresher course long beofre that!

Many thanks again to :icongarageman45: for this brilliant series! You can see his original here: [link] I took a couple of liberties here. First I broke the huge file into three parts for ease of viewing. Second, I changed slightly Purple Vixen's outfit color to reflect my own prefences for my OC. Finally I added some Batman-style sound effects for Candygirl's Lethal Lollipop. Again, Violette is an OC of :iconzzerver:

A final irony ... people are asked to observe Spirit Day by wearing purple. But these two bullies already WEAR purple! Candygirl just added a little purple and black to Violette and Vixen's bodies from the bruises she inflicted on them.
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I do hope the disgraceful duo recover soon. Perhaps Candygirl could help with their physical therapy. :)
Candygirl is nice that way. But she is not old enough to be a physical therapist yet. But you could say what she's done here IS a kind of 'physical therapy' ... for bullies!
True! Unless a therapist is properly trained, physical therapy may be extremely painful. However, I'm sure nobody would mind if Candygirl practises her care techniques on these two guinea-pigs. We all learn by our mistakes after all. :)
Gotta learn somehow! Plus, a punch to the jaw is a kind of physical therapy for bullies!
They're lucky Candygirl hasn't jumped up and down on their pile yet. :)
garageman45 Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
once again, you did an awesome job with the story. expect more from me one day.
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